Equaliser Neutron Tattoo Pen Review

Equaliser Neutron Tattoo Pen Review

Here we review the Equaliser Neutron 4mm stroke tattoo rotary/pen machine

The Equaliser Neutron is a wireless, pen-style tattoo machine with 2 removable batteries - so no more cables and power supplies!

Equaliser's wireless Neutron tattoo pen has an aluminium housing and features a clear digital display with three buttons for operating the machine. The digital display shows the voltage (V), battery level (%) and the time that has elapsed since switching on the machine (resets every time you switch the Neutron off).u

The Equaliser Neutron offers a voltage range of 5-12 V and adjustable in 0.1 V increments/decrements - 6-10 V is the recommended range.

This tattoo machine comes with an aluminium grip with a 32 mm diameter, as well as two additional non-slip silicone grips (32 and 35 mm). A charger is also included in the box that allows you to charge two batteries simultaneously.

The Equaliser Neutron has a 4.5 W motor, a 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 mm stroke, direct drive, adjustable needle depth, and built-in Jump Start. This wireless tattoo pen comes with 2 removable batteries, so you can charge one while working with the other. The batteries offer up to 8 hours working time and will take around 2 hours to fully charge.

Compared to Equaliser's Wireless Pen V2, the Neutron has an updated Printed Circuit Board (PCB), which is now more stable and damage-resistant. In addition, the rotary machine now lies more firmly in your hand thanks to the revised shape of the grips.

I find the machine to be comfortable to hold and to use. I have the 4.2 stroke machine which is definitely better for lining or packing. I wouldn’t recommend the 4.2 stroke for shading especially if you are wanting to achieve smooth subtle tones. To access the battery you have to unscrew a tiny screw which I find to be quite fiddly.

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Key Features:

  • Colour: Black
  • Wireless - no cables or power supplies needed
  • 2 removable batteries
  • Dual battery charger
  • Digital display and 3 buttons for operation
  • Voltage: 5-12 V, adjustable in 0.1 V increments/decrements
  • 4.5 W motor
  • Stroke: 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 mm
  • Direct drive
  • Working time: up to 8 hours
  • Charging time: approx. 2 hours
  • Built-in Jump Start
  • Adjustable needle depth
  • Length: 130 mm
  • Weight (with batteries): 200 g
  • Weight (without batteries): 170 g
  • Diameter (aluminium grip): 32 mm
  • Diameter (silicone grips): 32 or 35 mm
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty

We recommend that you clean your machine with alcohol and disinfectant before and after use.  We recommend that you learn to wrap the machine meticulously and use cartridges with a membrane technology system for maximum health and safety practice.

Overall I would rate this machine a 7/10 based on looks, design, usability and price.

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