How To Prepare And Apply Stencils To Fake Practice Tattoo Skin

How To Prepare And Apply Stencils To Fake Practice Tattoo Skin

Preparing your practice skins can be a frustrating messy process, especially if you are unsure what you are doing.  However, taking the time to prepare your practice skin will make the world of difference when it’s time to apply the stencil.  To help get you started we have taken the time to film this how to prepare a tattoo practice skin video.

We always recommend that you pay the money to get good quality practice skins as this will make a huge difference to your experience.  

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Another important factor in this process is learning how to create a clean, clear stencil.  A good stencil should act as a map to help guide you through the tattoo,

You can find out how we create our stencils in one of our other blog posts ‘how to create a tattoo stencil’.

For ease and simplicity we have broken the process down into 7 steps below.

Follow these 7 Steps:

  1. Wash practice skin with fairy liquid
  2. Dry skin
  3. Print off stencil
  4. Apply stencil applicator
  5. Wait until stencil applicator is ‘tacky’ not too wet not too dry.
  6. Apply stencil carefully
  7. Peel off stencil and leave to dry for 24/48 hours for best results.

The stencil may come off or smudge if you don’t leave it long enough to fully dry making the tattoo process very frustrating and unenjoyable. Have patience around this and perhaps adopt the habit of preparing your stencils at the same time every week.  Improving is about consistency or practice, if you can make the practice habitual less motivation will be needed.

To clean off excess stencil marks once you have tattooed the practice skin we advise that you soak it in bleach, carefully for approximately 12-15 hours.

Always wear eye protection and be careful of bleaching clothes etc.

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