Technique Development Days

Technique development days are designed for artists who are looking to improve their skillset.

Maybe you have done a online or two week course and find you are still experiencing frustrations?

Maybe you have been tattooing for a while and you want to work on a specific area?

Wether its realism, colour, line work or any other style we have the artists to help you!

Across our two studios we have 12 incredible tattoo artists with a range of styles and experience who can help you improve your tattoo game.

The idea of the technique development day is that you arrange for yourself and your client to travel to our studio for the day.

Our tattoo artist will work with you from stencil to finished piece or whatever specifics you have in mind??

With great train, bus, taxi links and a hotel literally across the road, we cater for anyone from anywhere who is prepared to make the effort to invest in themselves to become a more confident desirable tattoo artist.

If you would like to find out more about our technique development days please fill out the application form below.