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Monumental Tattoo Academy

Monumental Marketing Mastery

Monumental Marketing Mastery

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"You could be the worlds best tattoo artist but if no one knows who you are, then you won't earn a penny"

This program has been built to help new and experienced tattoo artists who either wish to build their own personal brand and business in a solo capacity, or for anyone wanting to open their own tattoo studio.

Before Monumental Ink tattoo studios branded and grew their presence, Aaron Clarke first built his own client base. Aaron has the experience of how to grow your business from scratch. Aaron is a self taught artist who started at home so he can relate to the challenges that come from starting small.

In the last 13 years Aaron and his team have built the two largest tattoo studios in the UK.

At the height of his career Aaron branded himself as a high end tattoo artist. He has experience working with famous and wealthy people. He has worked from his home, in studios, abroad and in a private capacity for high end clients.

In this mastery program Aaron breaks down all of the steps into modules of work for you to complete. This is essentially a business plan for your personal ambitions of how you would like your life style to be as a tattoo artist. What people want and why people want it will be different for each and every person however, the principles Aaron teaches can be used for whatever outcome you require. You may wish to have a small local part time business, you may wish to use your skills to travel the world or you may wish to build your own monumental empire.

Whatever your ambition it can be fulfilled, if you DO THE WORK. If you use the personal success formula that Aaron gives you, success is guaranteed!

But we need a plan, because without a plan you are just hoping it will all work out. Some degree of ignorance is necessary, for without it we may not begin at all. However, failing to plan is planning to fail.

How the process works in simple terms;

22 video lessons, 50 pages of work book and 5 modules.

Aaron will explain each step with eloquence and connection via video. You are then required to answer the questions on the pdf in line with the timing of the video. This work can be done in your own time and pace. This process assists you in building your own Monumental Success Strategy.

You will be creating a plan to fulfil your intentions and for your future.

From that future projection we will simply work the steps created connecting the dots to your success!

Now that you know how it will be done let's get to it!! 


  • Beginners

  • Apprentices

  • Junior artists

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


  • Practical

  • Theory

  • Interactive

  • Coaching and mentoring


  • Marketing secrets most tattoo artists don't know

  • How to build a personal and studio brand

  • How to create an exciting vision and mission

  • Powerful goal setting strategies

  • Successful brand identity

  • Brand aesthetics to stand out

  • Be heard with a strong brand voice

  • How to build a strong social media following

  • Expert presentation secrets

  • How to build a world class reputation

  • How to optimise paid social media advertising

  • Proven marketing and advertising strategies

  • How to run Ad campaigns

  • How to create a marketing plan

  • How to create a stand out online presence

  • Impactful promotional stunts

  • Systems for financial freedom

  • Simple and easy steps to becoming a successful tattoo artist!


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