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How To Tattoo Realism Online Course

How To Tattoo Realism Online Course

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Black and grey realism style is in big demand all over the world!

Learning to tattoo in this style will give you great opportunity to grow and expand your client base.

This course is designed to be a simple step by step process with clear instructions. It can help people of all levels from beginner to experienced artists who may be looking to venture into the realism style.

The advice and coaching is based on 12 years of experience from two very successful studios.

We teach and advise for and from real life scenarios.

Filmed in 4K HD quality and super zoom making it easy to see the movement of all techniques and details.

3.5 hours of content / 8 lessons which Includes 3 hours of mentoring and coaching

This course can add hundreds to your earning potential if you are willing to put in the work!!


  • Beginners
  • Apprentices
  • Junior artists
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • Practical
  • theory
  • interactive
  • coaching and mentoring


  • Advanced tattoo techniques
  • Tattoo theory
  • Design theory
  • Simple step by step process with clear instructions
  • How to make a tattoo stencil with paper and pen
  • How to create a stencil using procreate on the iPad
  • Procreate tips and tricks
  • How to setup a station for maximum efficiency
  • Tattoo techniques such as wip shading, stipple shading, texture, lining, packing and more
  • How to tattoo eyes, nose, mouth, face
  • How to add white highlights
  • How to use your machine when tattooing realism
  • How shade smoothly
  • How to create texture and blending
  • How to tattoo realistically


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