If you are looking to start your journey as a tattoo artist or you have started but you have hit some frustrations along the way, we can help you!

Maybe you are just curious and want to know more, maybe you are considering a career change?

We can give you a real taste before you make any big decisions...

Whatever your personal situation, we suggest the tattoo taster day is a great place to start.

The tattoo taster day is jam packed full of value!  We cover all of the fundamentals such as health and safety, tattoo techniques simple to advanced, what products to use, tips, tricks and so much more than we could fit into this text space!!

The tattoo taster day is a great opportunity for artists who have already begun their journey to continue developing their skillset.  

With Experienced tattoo artists on hand we can help you get over all and any frustrations.  

We can assess what level you are at and offer advice or more training to help you reach the level you desire.

Our 1300 sq facility is the biggest of its kind in the UK and has great train, bus and taxi links.  

The train station is a 15 minute walk from the studio, we have a travelodge literally across the road and two other hotels within a 5 minute walking distance.

If you can make the effort and personal investment and we will bring the value!