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Monumental Tattoo Academy

3 Day Intensive Tattoo Course

3 Day Intensive Tattoo Course

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Using high impact break through processes and accelerated learning techniques we have designed a unique training program to teach you all you need to know about the art of tattooing, in just 3 intense days!!!

This is the ultimate package, we have striped back all of the unnecessary information that can be learnt in your own time. Instead, we focus on the absolute tattooing essentials and fundamentals.

You will learn to use a tattoo machine from day one!!

This is an opportunity to learn from a combined 27 years of experience by award winning artists.

Tried and tested training techniques used within our own tattoo brand, Monumental ink tattoo studios.

We are professional and passionate about what we do and we can not wait to share this experience with you. The experience that has made the Monumental tattoo brand so successful in the UK.

We provide a strategy for progression and we get to the roots of what determines lasting success.

Now it’s time to begin your journey and take the steps to make your dream a reality.

Learn fundamental principles, tools and strategies, take this opportunity to let us share with you the best of our knowledge and experience.

Life produces extraordinary rewards for those who take bold massive action!!

Smash through self limitations, unleash your inner artist, Let’s take life to another level now because you deserve to live a life with passion and purpose!

Our training programs are powerful, however, it is important that you continue to practice and use this new knowledge to truly be a successful tattoo artist!

Make no mistake, it will be crucial to continue practicing the skills and information we teach before applying it to real life situations.


Please see the frequently asked questions and answers further down the page below.


Please note all course payments are non refundable but all courses are transferable if we receive a minimum of 7 days notice.



Rhythmic Skills Education Centre
103 Cranbrook Road

On arrival look for Monumental academy signage to find your way to the training room


Closest train station is Ilford station, which is also on the Elizabeth Line

Closest airport is London City Airport


Travelodge London Ilford

Premier Inn London Beckton

Premier Inn London Barking


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  • Platinum Package Includes:

    Admission for 3 full days training intensive experience with certification on completion and tattoo infection control level 2 training course (VTQ) (RRP £1295)

    Get all our online video course tutorials including:

    • How to tattoo realism
    • How to tattoo a tiger
    • How to tattoo a Mandala, dot-work and line-work
    • How to tattoo fine line
    • How to market and advertise your own brand. (RRP £995)

    Monumental Marketing and business strategy course - A proven detailed advertising and marketing system to build your ideal client base. Learn how to market yourself and manage your business in the digital age (RRP £495)

    Ultimate tattooer starter kit to include:

    • Highest quality range, pro hand picked, artist approved, wireless rotary tattoo machine, Fast charge battery included, High battery capacity, Led screen display, Max working time.
    • Full range of cartridge's, over 80 needles!
    • Grip tape.
    • Premium practice skins
    • 80 page Mastery Manuel
    • 6 mths zoom calls fortnightly
    • Ink caps
    • Practice skin stencil applicator
    • Human skin stencil applicator
    • Skin marker pens
    • Tattoo ink set (world famous)
    • Tattoo Gloves. (RRP £595)

      TOTAL COST £3370

      Early bird discount of over 40% when you book by June 15th to be eligible.

      Sign up today for £1997
  • Gold Package Includes:

    Admission for 3 full days training intensive experience with certification on completion and tattoo infection control level 2 training course (VTQ) (RRP £1295)

    Choose 3 of our online video course tutorials including:

    • How to tattoo realism
    • How to tattoo a tiger
    • How to tattoo a Mandala, dot-work and line-work
    • How to tattoo fine line
    • How to market and advertise your own brand. (RRP £591)

      Mid range tattoo starter kit to include:
    • Mid range, artist approved wireless rotary tattoo machine, Fast charge battery included.
    • 1 box of cartridge needles
    • Grip tape.
    • Premium practice skins
    • Practice stencil applicator
    • 3 mths zoom calls fortnightly
    • Tattoo Gloves. (RRP £345)

      TOTAL COST £2231

      Early bird discount of over 30% when you book by June 15th to be eligible.

      Sign up today for £1497
  • Silver Package Includes

    Admission for 3 full days training intensive experience with certification on completion and tattoo infection control level 2 training course (VTQ) (RRP £1295)

    1 month zoom calls fortnightly

    TOTAL COST £1295

    Early bird discount of over 20% when you book by March 15th to be eligible.

    Sign up today for £997

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive a certificate?

Yes you will receive a certificate to certify that you attended the course if you do all 3 days. This is not a qualification however, A qualification is not essential to tattoo in many countries including Germany and the United Kingdom.  A license is required in the UK but at present you DO NOT need a qualification to attain a license to tattoo.

Is there any support once I have done my course?

Yes, we offer many types of ongoing support and other courses to help you continue development in a safe helpful way.

Why is your course 3 days and other courses are 2 weeks?

In our opinion we can teach you and give you all of the information you need to safely begin tattooing.  We believe other academy’s bulk out courses to give a better sense of value when in reality even 2 or 3 week courses aren’t enough in terms of experience.From reliable sources we believe other academy’s spend days teaching drawing and theory whereas we focus more on the fundamentals of tattooing importantly including health and safety.  We then give you the other information regarding skills for you to learn in your own time.For absolute clarity, integrity and honesty learning to tattoo can take months/years of practice to become experienced and to master.Wether you attend a 3 day or 3 week course you will still need to practice and gain a reasonable amount of experience to be competent. We essentially condense 3 stretched out weeks of learning into 3 intensive days and then offer ongoing support as you continue to learn in your own time.

How can you teach everything in just 3 days??

The reality is even the best tattoo artist never know everything as the nature of this art form requires continual learning.  Just like learning any new skill practice is necessary, we wanted to create a course in which people whom can’t commit to 2/3 weeks can come and learn the fundamentals and then progress training around their lives.We have also developed accelerated learning techniques which allow participants to learn faster, remember more and have some tons of fun!!With a combined 28 years of tattooing experience our lead trainers have already proven they can dramatically enhance peoples tattoo skills having trained many artists that can be seen in there own studios Monumental Ink tattoo studios!!By utilising high-impact, breakthrough processes our participants experience immediate skills for real world success.The determining factor for those that go on to truly transform their lives and become great artists is “ACTION”Our courses are professional and extraordinary however, we believe that the amount of effort and practice you put in once you have gathered this new information and training that will determine your level of success!!

How old must I be to do the course?

You must be 18 years old to attend our 3 day tattoo training intensive course however, you are only required to be 16 to attend our renowned ‘tattoo taster day’ workshop.

What do I need to bring with me?

It would be helpful to bring a notepad and penAll equipment and supplies are provided however you may want to bring money for drinks and lunch.

Must I be able to speak English to benefit from the course?

A reasonable level of English is highly recommended in order to understand the majority of the training.  All of the training is spoken and written in the English language.

Do I get to tattoo a real person?

You do get to use a tattoo machine every single day of the training program however, we do not allow tattooing live models in this training course as to do so will require much more time, paperwork, licenses and many other technical factors.We give you the knowledge and information and we teach you tattoo techniques for you to tattoo willing models in your own safe space.  More information, advice, help and support will be given to you about how to safely begin tattooing on real people in the training course.We do not advise you tattooing any person until you have fulfilled a standard and skill level to do so.Due to the fact that every person will have a different level of confidence, a different level of artistic skills and a different level of competence we can only ask that a persons integrity be the marker by which they take the decision to tattoo real skin.Many people tattoo themselves before tattooing another person as this can help realise your skill level before moving onto another person.

Your Lead Trainers

Shell Moreno

Shell is an award winning artist with over 15 years experience and is a resident artist at our Colchester Studio.He specialises in colour realism, black and grey realism, anime and comics.

Shell is Monumental's Chief Artist Officer and loves to share his wealth of knowledge and experience at the numerous Tattoo Taster Days he has hosted.

See more of Shell's work

Aaron Clarke

Aaron is Monumental's founder and he specalises in black and grey realism but excels in all styles of tattoing. 

He is a perfectionist with great passion for art, always looking to be ahead of the game and constantly self developing his skills.

Aaron has a mission to create a great brand, a studio like no other with a service second to none.

See more of Aaron's work

Tattoo training intensive course details:

  • Lots of tattooing!! ‘on special life like practice skin’
  • Best health, safety and hygiene practices
  • How to use tattoo machines
  • How to setup a tattoo machine for optimal performance
  • Lining, shading, stipple shading, dot work, black work, colour packing, blending, smooth shading, tones, texture and contrast techniques
  • Learn about inks, pigments, solutions creams and supplies
  • Preparing and placing stencils on live ‘willing’ models
  • Needles, cartridges, tubes, grips and tips
  • How to prepare the skin
  • The full tattoo procedure in detail
  • Recommended consent forms and aftercare
  • Infection control, infections, causes and spreading
  • How to get a tattoo license and registration
  • Control of substances hazardous to health
  • Bio hazardous waste
  • Cross contamination
  • Decontamination
  • Sterilisation
  • Tattoo theory
  • Tattoo design tips and tricks
  • Stencil preparation on fake skin
  • Sterilisation of the tattoo area
  • Practical test, tattooing techniques to a standard

Bonus benefits of attending this course:

  • Unlimited questions and answers from award winning tattoo artists
  • Have fun and meet like minded people
  • Learn personal development tools to help boost your confidence and people skills
  • How to grow your personal brand
  • How to develop a particular style
  • Learn design skills
  • Learn from real life experiences and mistakes the trainers made when they were beginners
  • Be part of a professional tattoo brand network
  • Future franchise opportunities
  • Business advice
  • Marketing advice