How To Tattoo Hannibal Lecter In Colour

How To Tattoo Hannibal Lecter In Colour

How To Tattoo Hannibal Lecter In Colour

For this tattoo project Shell Moreno used World Famous Ink. This brand has a good balance between thickness and viscosity, which makes packing solid colour easier and faster.⁣

He chose 3 different types of cartridge needle formations, all the needle cartridges were made by Kwadron.

The 3 types of “Kwadron” tattoo cartridges were;⁣

  • 30/09 Round Shader - This one was used to do the eyes, hair, mouth and a few details on the mask.⁣
  • 30/13 Soft Edge Magnum - To do most of the skin tone areas, like forehead, eyebrows, neck and T-shirt. ⁣
  • 30/09 Soft Edge Magnum - Was used to reach small corners and fine details such as the eye colour and wrinkles.⁣

This tattoo was done in one sitting and it took a total of 5 hours. The tattoo placement was on a calve which was a good area to work around.⁣

Matching colours was difficult as Hannibal lecture is an old horror movie and all the reference photos were dull and pixelated.⁣

In this situation Shell improvised and changed some colours for tones that he knew would stand out more, look better and create more of a pop effect.⁣

By allowing himself the freedom to play with colours he was able to make this silence of the lambs tattoo unique, adding his own style to the piece.⁣

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