Mast Lancer Wireless Tattoo Machine Review

Mast Lancer Wireless Tattoo Machine Review

The Mast Lancer wireless tattoo machine can work for 8-12 hours on a single battery, and it has a LED screen that displays operating voltage and allows for 0.1v voltage adjustments. The box it comes in is fair quality and the instructions are clear and simple.

The machine’s battery capacity is 1500mAh and it has a body made of anodized aircraft aluminium, making it lightweight and precisely machined. It also comes with a spare barrel with a wider grip which I prefer.

Boasting a 12 volt DC motor with a speed of up to 10500 rpm this tool has what it needs to perform steady and consistent.

The Mast Lancer also features jumpstart and memory functions, and has a stroke length of 3.5mm | 4.2mm and comes in 4 different colours.

The adjustable cartridge needle length can be changed from 0mm to 4mm by twisting the grip. I find adjusting the grip to be smooth and easy.  

Additionally, this tattoo machine comes with two replaceable wireless batteries that can be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours, weighing just 34g per battery.  A Decent digital battery charger and cable come as standard.

I find this machine to be very comfortable to use, note that the machine is 30mm in diameter. The battery is simple and easy to access by unscrewing the top circular lid. The weight of the machine is balanced, weighing 158g to be precise it is heavy enough to feel like quality yet light enough for good usability.

1 downfall would be that you only get a 6 month warranty with this machine however, I think this is fair given the low cost.

Please note that the grips/barrels are not suitable for the autoclave cleaning machine.

We recommend that you clean your machine with alcohol and disinfectant before and after use.  We recommend that you learn to wrap the machine meticulously and use cartridges with a membrane technology system

The look and design is sleek, very nice especially for just £263.99 including vat, this wireless rotary machine is great value.

Overall I find this machine to be good all round, I rate this Mast Lancer a solid 8/10.

From all of the cheaper tattoo machines I have tested so far this would be my top pick.  This would be a great machine for anyone looking to start a tattoo career on a budget.  My advice would be to not scrimp on needles/cartridges or ink.

If you are at the beginning of your tattoo career or even considering it you may find our tattoo taster days to be helpful in giving you a well rounded body of information and experience within one fun day.  

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